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Christmas Decor for Chain Link Fences

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People love to decorate for the holidays; that’s a fact. Strings of Christmas lights, huge blow-up-type characters, and other lighted designs are just some of the choices when it comes to outdoor decorating. However, if you have a chain link fence on your property, you have a unique way to decorate for Christmas or other holidays. The openings in the fencing allow you to create everything from written greetings to Christmas designs, like reindeer, stars, Santas and more.

Christmas adorning ideas for chain link fences

Don’t think you have to go out and spend a fortune to make the new chain link fence decorations; you don’t! As a matter of fact, you can create huge designs or lettering for a couple of bucks or so! Can you believe that? Well, you might not believe it now, but when you’re finished with your new designs you’ll see that it’s absolutely true. Whether you want to write “Merry Christmas” all the way across the fence, or you decide to just make tiny stars all over the fence, it’ll cost you very little to make the design.

Plastic or Styrofoam cups are the perfect way to create the unique and inexpensive Christmas or other holiday wishes. The colored plastic cups, meant to be used then disposed of, are available in holiday colors of red, blue and more. Styrofoam cups are generally white only but that color is perfect for many Christmas arrangements. Simply use the disposable cups to create any number of designs for your chain link fence.

Start by deciding on the design you want. Stick the cups, bottom first, through the openings of the fence. Continue using more and more of the cups until the words, phrases or images are completed. When it comes to using the Styrofoam cups they normally fit tightly into the openings and stay put. With the plastic cups you could experience some loss of cups with wind and other factors. To prevent this just use small pieces of tape on each cup to secure. One problem you might encounter with the Styrofoam cups, though, is some damage from the elements. If the Styrofoam cups end up with a tear or hole simply remove the damaged ones and replace. It only takes a moment.

It can be helpful if you use chalk to first draw the design onto the fence. Chalk will easily rinse off of the fence and makes it easy to see where to put the cups. It also allows you to rub away mistakes and redraw areas of the design. After placing and aligning all the cups your design is finished. It’s so cheap and easy yet it will grab the attention of anyone passing by or looking over at your fence. Later, when the holidays are over, the cups can be saved to make a new image or Christmas wish next year. Just pack them away with other decorations and you’ll have a head start towards next year’s fence creation.

Tall disposable cups generally cost more than the really short ones so try to select the smallest ones for the money. The cups you use don’t need to be extra tall; they only need to be tall enough to push through the opening of the fence. Small coffee cups work best when using Styrofoam cups; plastic cups are only available in limited sizes so it’s usually cheaper to use the Styrofoam cups to create the fence designs. You can use all the same cups to make the image or phrase you want or you can mix them. Use various colors to create images that feature more than one color, like a Santa face.

There are no limits to the designs you can create by using the disposable drinking cups. Make letters, words, phrases, animals, stockings, stars, Santas, reindeer and so much more. Create a Nativity scene, a tree with presents under it, or just write “Happy Holidays”. You’ll get the best results if you insert the cups so that the onlookers see the bottoms of the cups and the openings of the cups face inward. You can even take the designs a step further and use outdoor lighting to illuminate the arrangement you’ve created. Poke a hole in the bottom center of each cup, then insert a light in each one, or just use the lights to outline the arrangement.

It’s fun to decorate our homes and yards for the holidays, and when you have a chain link fence, it’s cheap and easy, too! Get a couple of packs of throwaway cups and you can immediately start creating a design all your own. Your neighbors will be impressed with your imagination and you’ll be thrilled with the ease at which you can create pretty much any design you can imagine!

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