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Birdhouses as Pleasure

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Different people, different tastes. We all differ in our habits, interests, and hobbies for our great pleasure. Some people like to make things themselves, some like to purchase, and some watch others make things. So what do you like to do, either make decorative things or watch others do this? There are people, craftsmen, who just adore making birdhouses all year around, and it does not really matter that spring is the best time of the year to have a birdhouse in your garden.

To watch birds in your garden or backyard is a way of enjoying the rich life and nature that can be found just outside your house. Attracting birds to your backyard is inexpensive, relaxing, entertaining and an educational opportunity for children. You can make it happen by having a birdhouse in your garden or yard.

Great Birdhouses to Look at

It is amazing how creative people can be with making crafts, in this case making the birdhouses. Look at some of the unusual and interesting birdhouses.

Hotel Caruso Belvedere, Italy

Reuse an Old Pitcher

Reuse your old pitcher to make it into a birdhouse. This old yellow porcelain enamel pitcher indeed works well as the birdhouse. Just remember one thing not to brew any tea anymore.

Hotel Caruso Belvedere, Italy

A Countryhouse Birdhouse

The birds you attract can have an ideal home which is detailed with white railings, intricate window detailing and vibrant red exterior. Looking at this birdhouse you g et a feeling being somewhere in the countryside

Hotel Caruso Belvedere, Italy

Stylish Birdhouse

When we think of a birdhouse, we usually think of the birdhouse which is on the tree. That is the first thing you think about. This birdhouse is on t eh ground. It is very stylish with its curved shape. It is very unique because it is a handmade and hand painted birdhouse. Your small children would love to watch the birds eating close to them.

Hotel Caruso Belvedere, Italy

Kitty Cat

Wow, eating birds cat! This is what you will see when the birds will sit in the hole. This is a very decorative and original “Cat” birdhouse. It will play a playful role in the garden and will attract not only birds but people as well.

Hotel Caruso Belvedere, Italy

Clay House

Wood can be a good material for the birdhouses, but clay is actually good as well. Clay is also a non-toxic, natural material and very healthy for the birds to be in. It is warm inside in winter and cool in summer.

Hotel Caruso Belvedere, Italy

Rocky Birdhouse

There are many rocks around you. Can you use them as a decorative item, yes, you can. Use them as a decoration on the birdhouses. Make them into stone birdhouses.

Hotel Caruso Belvedere, Italy

Reuse and Old Boot

Well, well, well!!! A Cowboy boot birdhouse! Reuse your old boot, modify it, and renew it. You will be impressed by the way it will look on the tree, fence, or just on the ground.

Hotel Caruso Belvedere, Italy

Birdhouse and a Small Garden

To create a small garden on the birdhouse is a very nice and thoughtful idea. There are two things of pleasure at the same time, to watch the birds and to see the plants grow.

 Tips for Birdhouses

When you decide to have or to make a bird house, you will need to take into consideration several tips that can be as important as useful to know.

  • It is recommended to construct the birdhouses with the dimensions for the birds which are meant to use it. The entrance hole should be properly sized and the space from the entrance to the floor of the birdhouse should be correct for the type of bird.
  • It is better if you do not paint the floor inside the birdhouse and need to be properly constructed with non-toxic material. Wood is very preferable material to help to insulate from hot to cold temperatures. No metal pieces better, since they can heat up too much in summer.
  • The inside of the bird house should be easy for you to inspect and clean. A hinged door or removable side is important for observation and proper maintenance.
  • It is better not to have a pole near the entrance hole. Most of the birds will not need it, but it can be quite good for the predators.   
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