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BBQ Grill That Folds Up Into Compact Reed In Two Seconds

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If you don’t use BBQ a lot or don’t cook outdoors for too many people, then this BBQ grill probably the best choice for you. Form Axiom came up with “Grillo” – steel BBQ that folds up into a compact reed in a single movement. This will make your outdoor cooking experience so much easier and save the precious space.

Grillo – Compact Folding Up BBQ Grill


There are so many portable BBQ grill options, but this one is something new and unusual. Usually designer grills look wonderful and stylish but don’t work as good as the regular ones. But you are going to love this BBQ grill not only for its portability, flexibility, and the look but also quality. The base of this transforming grill is a steel tripod with a special grid for the meat and steel mesh that looks like a tiny hammock for coal or wood. When it’s assembled it has a size not bigger than an umbrella and is very easy to carry around.

folding up bbq grill

Grillo was created by Mirko Bocek, Martin Oberhauser, and Alain Brideson from Italian design firm Form Axiom. The team says on their website:

The mission was to design an ultra-portable barbecue which is not only light and very packable, but also offers a substantial cooking height and safe structure. To do this, a whole new direction needed to be taken and think beyond what the portable barbecue is today. After much exploration, the unique umbrella-like folding method was discovered. The simple, sturdy tripod footing is most suitable for uneven surfaces and the flower-petal cooking surface is not only artistic but has the ability to fold itself into a miraculously small package.”

steel grid

“Grillo” has so many advantages over other grill barbeques. It is very light and portable and takes just one step to set up. It is also easy to clean and light up and the steel mesh allows to use the common solid fuel.

Probably by the end of the year this designer BBQ grill will be available for everybody to order. So you can cook outdoors and enjoy Grillo’s cooking performance and stylish look.

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