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Balcony Accessories

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Having lived in the apartment, I have always thought of the ideas how to maintain and make the balconies look stunning, useful, and just beautiful enough in order to enjoy the outside, sitting at the balcony and watching the life out there. What balcony accessories are actually needed? Do we really need any accessories? Are they functional and practical enough to exist at the balconies?

Hold Back from a Picnic

No matter whether you live in a royal house or in a common house, having magnificent balcony will hold back you many times from going outside for a picnic. How a balcony can do that? There are many masterpieces of most creative inventions, which are going to do this task. We have stacked a list of such marvelous things. Starting from a BBQ stand to computer stand, these creative inventions must find their place on your balcony.

Balcony Accessories

A Multifunctional Accessory

Multifunctional Accessory

Multifunctional Accessory

Design creative Michael Hilgers has a supreme solution for those who have little to no space on their balconies. If you feel that, your only space is for a chair to sit and no table to rest a drink on, set a laptop on or have even the smallest of planters, the Balkonzept is the way to go.

As long as your railing as 7cm or under, this pretty little perching table will hook onto the railing and has more than enough room to multifunction as a table, planter or even an ice bucket for a cold bottle of champagne, chilled beers or soda! There is no right or wrong way to use the Balkonzept, which makes this multilateral piece limitless. It comes in an array of colors and is the best space saving piece of furniture we have seen.

Balcony Planters

Colorful Balcony

Colorful Balcony

You live in a small apartment in a city and your balcony is probably the only place where you could put some plants. Although even, there might be not enough of a free space. Greenbo planters are great for such situation. These modern planters are designed to fit on balcony’s railings without hanging them up. These plastic pots has shape that allows putting them on virtually any railing without the need of special adjustments or effort. They come in bright colors that would easily decorate any balcony.

Bistro Balcony Sets

Balcony Set

Balcony Set

Bistro sets generally have a very stylish look, no matter of what material it is made of. This set comprises of two chairs and a table. Therefore, a bistro set and extra two chairs will perfectly fit in a small balcony. Moreover, instead of the extra chair you can go for multipurpose seats like storage bench.

Balcony Barbeque

Your Own Barbeque

Your Own Barbeque

Most of us live in confined, city spaces and dream of having our own grill at our disposal every day, but we also just cannot figure out how bolting a trough of hot coals to your balcony railing could ever be a good idea. Yeah, we are talking about a balcony grill. A thing that most of us city dwellers already know is pretty much completely against the rules, for obvious reasons. The Bruce Handrail Grill by designer Henrick Drecker combines the function of a handy grill with the principle of a flowerpot. It hangs on the handrail in common flowerpot supports and does not need much space.

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  1. Michael Hilgers
    September 20, 2013 at 9:58 am


    Thank you for featuring my balKonzept balcony table.

    The “Greenbo” planters are a copy of my original design classic “Steckling” (2006)…



  2. Erin Brower
    September 20, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    Dear Mr. Michael Hilgers,

    It was a great pleasure for us to post your balcony table which is very unique, comfortable and functional.
    We do hope you will continue to surprise us with your awesome design inventions and ideas.