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All in One Travel Trailer

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If you do not have a Swiss knife, then at least you’ve heard of it. Lots and lots of devices of various usefulness are extracted from this small knife. Our current “hero” is something like a Swiss knife in the world of trailers. It has everything to feel at home anywhere.

UEV 440: All in one Travel Trailer

UEV 440 travel trailer from Australia's Conqueror

UEV 440 travel trailer from Australia’s Conqueror

Australia’s Conqueror, as you can guess, is an Australian company, which has been manufacturing equipment for the military. And at some point it added such trailers to its range. This model is called UEV 440 (Urban Escape Vehicle) in honor of the Burgundians, the settlements in the East Gaul.

One of the side walls is transforms into the kitchen. A gas stove with two burners, faucet with hot and cold water, a box of dishes and containers for washing dishes smoothly rolls out of a special department. Also there is a compartment with food and wine bar on this side.

There are boxes on the other side of the trailer, where you can transport food.

Almost all the elements are made so that they could be built in one another or stacked tightly as possible to save space and make no noise while driving on the road. Australia is a dusty country, so all the cracks are edged with rubber gaskets to prevent the penetration of dust and moisture into the ‘room’.

The residential part of the trailer is installed as a tent. The upper part is raised by itself, and the side and bottom parts have to be installed manually, which, however, is very simple.

All windows are screened so that no mosquitoes and flies will be able to disturb the sleep of vacationers. The bedroom has a double bed, TV and fan.

This unit costs $ 62,000. This is 3 times more expensive than a small house of Macy Miller and twice as expensive as a small, but very comfortable home. For this money a buyer will get a ready-to-use, well thought out and functional small house on wheels.

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