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5 Tent Designs For Glamping

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If you love outdoors like we do chances are you like camping or maybe even glamping a lot. Or maybe you just want to have a glam tent in your spacious garden to be able to enjoy the outdoor all year round. Well, these 5 designs will surely help you keep dry and cool, whichever’s necessary.

5 Glamping Tent Designs

Oasis dome

Designed by a Lithuanian designer Vytautas Puzeras this transparent dome-like tent is portable and right for those who like watching stars. The curtain cloth provides the Oasis dwellers with privacy while the ceiling is open to the views outside. The tent is still in a prototype stage and being tested. The elevated floors of the structure feature storage for favorite outdoor activity equipment. Puzeras’ choice is kitesurfing.

Bubble tree tent

If you are after something truly unique and deluxe, Bubble Tree tents offer paid night stays all over France. The inflatable domes provide shelter at ‘minimal energy and maximum comfort’ letting you enjoy the outside environment through transparent walls. To own one of these would cost you more than $11,000 though.

Lotus tent

Lotus Belle Outback Tent is a truly luxurious outdoor dwelling. The Lotus-shaped tent provides space for big family gatherings, guest bed, and even a yoga studio. Bearing a hefty price tag of over $2,000 Lotus Belle is sure to provide lots of roof space, zipped windows and doors and ventilation.

Cocoon tree tent

Tree hanging tents aren’t new and can be found in many differrnt shapes. Cocoon tree tent is a spherical hanging tent that features a built in bed and also comes in a line with a Cocoon table and a Cocoon beach sunbed. While you can buy it in France, Canada, Belgium and a couple of other countries, those who live in Britain can opt for a similar design called Roomoon by Hanging Tent Company.

Domup tree tent

Finally if you don’t just look to travel for a day or two and want to take your whole family with you, you might need a tree shelter like Dom’up by TreesandPeople. A 16 square meter (173 sq ft) tree house that comes at $28,215 price features wooden floors and a UV-resistance tent supported by net structure and is equipped with a ladder.

What do you think about these amazing glamping tents?

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