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5 Hammock Ideas For Outdoor Leisure

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Although summer is at its end, you can still outdoor leisure well into fall and a hammock might just be what you need for creating an ultimate outdoor retreat for you and your family. Hammock is easy to install and is definitely DIY-able.

Above or Beside Pool Hammock

Hammock beside pool

Got a swimming pool? You simply must install a hammock in its vicinity. And you’ll have your own resort. You can install it above or beside the pool, which will make it all the more impressive.

Hammock Stand

Hammock stand

A hammock stand is a handy accessory. You simply place it wherever you need it to be and voila, no installation headache, no fuss. You can also move it anytime, which is convenient especially for those who have little shade in their yard.

Fur Hammock

Fur hammock

Not that we recommend it but sometimes chilling out in chilly outdoors might be more comfortable in a fur hammock. Who knows, maybe your climate has cool summers.

Pergola Hammock

Pergola hammock

Sure a hammock stand allows you chasing shade and being mobile but a pergola hammock will provide a realiable sun awning at any time along with the poles for hammock installation.

Garden Hammock

Garden hammock

Finally, if you’re lucky enough to have a big garden where it’s not difficult to get lost in all the greenery and shade, there’s a place to install your outdoor happy place. Choose a spot under trees between two trunks where it’s easy to relax and forget you’re in a city.

Hammock and hanging chairs are simply meant for outdoors. They are relaxing and decorative and also don’t take up that much space. Which one of these ideas would you like to implement in your own yard?

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