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5 Different Ways To Use Bird Bath

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If your bird bath started showing cracks or you don’t want birds hanging out near your berry bushes and fruit trees there are a few things you could do to make use of your bird bath while keeping the birds at bay.

Bird Bath Decor Ideas

Bird bath ideas

Seasonal Decor

A beautiful stone or glass bird bath is a great garden decoration. It can easily stand on its own or you can fill it with seasonal decorations like jack-o-lanterns and Christmas baubles.

Succulent Garden

Succulents don’t require much space so they are perfect to grow in a shallow basin of a bird bath. You can plant hanging varieties to make it even more showy.

Light Source

If you need a light source for a fancy gathering (say wedding) a bird bath full of candles can make for a great light source. It can also be filled with a ball of string lights.

Fairy Garden

If anything is more perfect for a fairy garden than a bird bath we would like to know. But really a bird bath is elevated enough from the ground so that the garden can be seen well.

Flower Field Decoration

Simlly not filling the bowl of your bird bath may be enough to keep the birds at bay and still enjoying the beauty of its shape and style. You can plant flowers around it and make it a focus of your garden photography.

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