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15 Inspiring Butterfly Feeders

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Butterflies are among the most beautiful insects: they are poetic, delicate and there are so many different variations of them flying around. Imagine that just in the U.S and Canada there are over 500 various species. If you already have a garden that attracts the butterflies, one of the best ideas to encourage their appearance is to install butterfly feeders. So here you will find easy tips on creating the butterfly feeders with little effort and some inspirational designs that are going to steal your heart.

Tips & Ideas On Butterfly Feeders

Elegant Feeder By Outofourgourds

Butterfly Food

Before going as far as creating the actual butterfly feeder you need to know what butterflies generally feed on. You would be surprised that such tender creatures eat rotten fruits and vegetation. So it is perfect if you have a fruit tree growing nearby that has overripe fruits that you won’t possibly pick up. These fallen fruits can be perfect snacks for the butterflies. However, if you don’t have an extensive yard with fruit trees and have to buy your fruits from the grocery store – no doubt there are some fruits that are already quite rotten hiding somewhere in the darkness of your fridge. Don’t throw them away as you can make a perfect butterfly snack out of them as butterflies enjoy eating apples, cherries, plums, bananas and other delicious fruits.

Butterfly Feeder Designs

One of the easiest ways to make a butterfly feeder is to use a simple ceramic plate and suspend it in a macramé-styled holder. However, this, unfortunately, won’t help in attracting the butterflies so it is best to adorn the strings with flowers, and they should preferably be alive. Now to place the delicious fruits into the plate but make sure to cut them in pieces beforehand. Don’t forget to leave an area for water, which can be a simple spoon or small shallow bowl. It is also important to make little islands out of pebbles so they can sit on them and rest while they eat. It is important to place the butterfly feeders in the shade, since the direct sunlight is harmful to the butterflies. Below you will find amazing and inspiring butterfly feeder designs that you can easily recreate.


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