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Winterizing The Landscape

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You know the winter is coming when the last leaves fall, and the first cold temperatures drops, yet are you sure that you prepared your landscape?


Landscaping Winter Tips

If you are unsure on when to start getting the ready for winter, check the greenery, that is turning brown already! If there are almost no leaves, and the plants in your garden started to wilt and get brown, this means you have to start. Begin with basics, as experts advice: take inside the warmth loving plants, that are in containers. If something cannot be taken inside, wrap it with burlap against harsh weather.


It is also important to remove all the unnecessary clutter from your outdoors, such as broken branches, fallen leaves, before the first snow, because otherwise they would block the sunlight from getting to the ground. The sunlight is needed if you have reseeded something earlier. Mulching is also an important aspect of winterizing, as it helps to preserve the plants in the snow.


Moisture is also important in winter, and many people often forget to water the plants. Dry winter is as damaging as hot summer. If you live in a region with temperatures dropping drastically it is important to protect your water sprinkles as well. Blow out all the water from sprinkles, because if you have water left in your irrigation system when it freezes, the expansion can crack and break pipes or valves. If you intend to remove the snow, it is a good idea to include some markings on your plants, so you won’t damage them.


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