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Water Garden Landscaping

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Water gardens are man-made water features in the outdoors that can not only be a home to certain aquatic plants or animals, but can also be of great landscaping value. Make it a focal point of your outdoors and enjoy beautifully landscaped garden.

water garden

Dream Water Gardens

One of the ways to improve a water garden as a landscaping feature into the outdoors is to install a relaxing point. Such relaxation spot can be a withered pergola, with Spartan simple furniture. The only condition is that the pergola is facing the most beautiful angle of the water garden. Notice how peaceful the whole scenery is, with graceful water lilies and a few landscaping touches on the borders.

The water garden doesn’t have to be really large, as in the example below. If you have a little extra space near the deck or a porch, which you could decorate with some feature, why don’t you do that with a water pond? See how cleverly the outlined water feature fits into the existing deck scheme?

water garden

No less important in landscaping are the rocks and plants. A skillful composition of both might add a visual interest in otherwise dull outdoors. If you have an elongated space, which you would like to decorate, why not make a step by step waterfall? It is an excellent water feature, besides it would nourish the landscaping plants, such as daisies and roses that grow near it.

A little fountain feature would also add the visual interest to the serene surface of the pond. Even a small DIY fountain could be the one. If you don’t have the space for the pond, you can make a raised water garden, using a large galvanized container. At last, don’t forget about the Asian influence of the pond concept, and don’t be afraid to decorate your pond with statues and koi fish.

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