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Use Landscape Lighting To Increase Curb Appeal

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Installed landscape lighting increases curb appeal and thus your home value and also can make your home safer. Landscape lighting need not be ornate or expensive to create a dramatic effect. A few simple and cost-effective steps with basic landscape lighting fixtures can start you off on the right foot.

Landscape lighting tips to make your home image beautiful

Line your sidewalk on either side with landscape lighting solar lamps. The easiest kinds of lamps to use are those that require you to press a spike into the ground. They are also the most environmentally efficient as they will require no wiring and no electric maintenance costs. This use of lighting will provide instant appeal during daylight hours as well as safety at night when visibility is low.

Place a targeted lamp to face individual flower groupings, trees or foliage arrangements.

Place similar lamps at the base of your windows in a planter box for example. A light on the outside of the window allows you to see through the window at night and deters others from seeing in due to the glare it causes; this keeps you safer. During the day, the landscape lighting offers visual appeal as a decorative piece.

Install a solar-powered landscape lamp near your mailbox or address marker near the curb. This helps to beautify the entrance to your property as well as identify your address and illuminate your mailbox after sundown.

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