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Unusual Exteriors of Houses Overlooking Water

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What can be more pleasant than admiring the beautiful sea (ocean, lake or even river) sunset from the terrace of your house? View from the window is perhaps the most important feature of the modern home, standing at the water. Water has become the center of attraction of any modern architectural house design.

Three Houses with Amazing Water Surroundings

In this article you will find out about three amazing houses with beautiful views, located in different countries of the world.

The Island House in Korea

The Island House in South Korea by Iroje KHM Architects

The Island House in South Korea by Iroje KHM Architects

The Island House in the South Korea was completed in 2008 by the Iroje KHM Architects design studio from Seoul. The area of ​​this unusual mansion is more than 2000 sq. ft. The structure resembles an object, which stuck to the ground while sailing the water and has been permanently entrenched in the area.

The designers’ exterior of the building fits nicely into the surrounding landscape and reminds of a mountain. This has been done due to lack of a clear division of the floors, and the presence of dominance and asymmetry. In the area adjacent to the house there is a courtyard pool, which is surrounded by lush vegetation and green roof garden. Each room has a great view of the surrounding landscape, and panoramic windows enhance the effect of contemplation.

Fishers Island House in New York

Fishers Island House in New York by Thomas Phifer and Partners

Fishers Island House in New York by Thomas Phifer and Partners 

The designers of the architectural bureau Thomas Phifer and Partners could not leave aside views across Long Island: forest, orchard, bright daffodils, lilies and peonies, framing the way home. They designed this Fishers Island House in close connection with the landscape.

Hiding from such beauty behind concrete walls is a crime against the sense of beauty bestowed by God to man,” they decided.

And they built a house almost completely out of glass, which seemed to dissolve in the surrounding landscape, becoming an integral part of the beautiful surroundings.

The Malbaie V Residence in Canada

The Malbaie V Residence in Canada by Mu Architecture

The Malbaie V Residence in Canada by Mu Architecture

This country house of more about 2500 sq. ft., located in the magnificent Cap-a-l’Aigle, Quebec, Canada was completed in 2010. The Malbaie V Residence is a part of a residential area, situated on a hill with stunning views of the St. Lawrence River and the surrounding mountains.

The roof is covered with grass, which acts as an insulating layer and reduces the heating in the summer. It has a good location, and a large number of windows provide a constant natural lighting throughout the day. There are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the lower floor. The second floor is allocated to the hallway, kitchen and living room with stunning views of the river and mountains. High contrast of lining materials increases strength of the relationship between objects, and emphasizes the house on a background of the Canadian landscape.

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