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Unique Landscaping Ideas

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A usual homeowner’s yard look like this – there’s a grassy lawn, some neat fence and a few shade trees.Still, there are some people who break the mold. Using cool and unconventional landscaping ideas can make your home distinctive and unusual, allowing you to stick out from the pack a little.

Unusual Landscaping tips and ideas

Butterfly Garden

Plant a number of plants that adult butterflies like, such as butterfly bush, butterfly weed, Brazilian verbena and aster. Add some butterfly host plants to nourish butterfly caterpillars, such as alfalfa, fennel and clover. Locate the host plants in a place where they are not highly visible, since the caterpillars will chew them up. Within a season, your garden should be populated by butterflies, adding to the color and attractiveness of your landscape.

Living Privacy Screen

For a year-round screen, plant a screen of fast-growing evergreens that tolerate crowding, such as arborvitae or cypress. For a more compact look, grow running bamboo in a rectangle enclosed by buried garden edging or in a rectangular planter. The quick-spreading bamboo will form a thick screen without overrunning its container. If you prefer to use a bush for privacy, consider the rose of Sharon. It grows thickly enough to form an effective barrier and features festive blooms.

3-D Gardening

If you only have a small space with which to work, garden in three dimensions. Use raised beds at different levels. This will allow you to lift up your smaller plants and ensure they get enough sun exposure and will prevent the roots of adjacent plants from crowding each other. Grow plants that like a lot of light in window boxes, hanging planters and on plant stands to raise them off the ground and give them good exposure. Grow shade-loving and shade-tolerant plants in the shadows of the sun lovers to ensure everything gets enough plants. Through careful planning, you can grow substantially more plants in a limited space.

Moonlight Garden

A white garden is breathtaking in the moonlight as the flowers seem to float in the air. Choose a space in the yard that gets full sun. Most flowers require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight to bloom. Select varieties of flowers that stay open at night, such as roses, dahlias, zinnias, lilies, gladiolus, and daisies. Edge the bed with white variegated foliage plants or gray-leaved plants such as dusty miller or lamb’s ear. Place a bench with comfy pillows near the moonlight garden for viewing.


Topiaries are shrubs or small trees sheared into shapes. Shapes like animals require planning and precise pruning. Geometric shapes like circles and spirals don’t require as much skill. Matching sets of standard topiaries leading up to your front entrance catches attention, is attractive and doesn’t require a lot of work. Pruning is done just once a season. If budget is an issue, select normal plants from the nursery and prune them yourself.

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