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Unique Hardscaping Ideas

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Hardscaping is usually referred to a process of paving a certain area of property for landscaping needs. Practically any paved or covered area can be referred to as hardscaping, however, there are certain options that will certainly be quite different from the original concept. Here we present to you the most unique hardscaping ideas.

 Creative Hardscaping Ideas

Pathways, pavements and even decks can be considered as hardscaping elements. Everything that is urban-style, where the soil is no longer exposed is referred to that term. In a suburbian setting, hardscaping is usually used when owners pave their patios and areas adjacent to the house, such as, for example, driveways. However, there are certain ideas that can be quite unique showing the high level of creativity.


Backyard Nest by Jamie Drurie

Nesting Escape

This example is very impressive, as it shows the sitting area encapsulated by a huge woven nest. This hardscaping nest is tilted to the side to allow the view on the insides of the nest. The natural canopy is provided by the sprouting trees, making the scene seem quite surreal.

Wooden Beach

Decks also provide amazing hardscapes, especially the ones that create an illusion of the wooden beach. Designed by Jamie Drurie, this deck appears as a beach that continues seamlessly into the pond. Another such idea also by Jamie Drurie presents a different hardscaping idea where the deck is presented as an island surrounded by the pond. This kind of a sculptural deck creates a very dramatic centerpiece in the outdoors.


Wooden Beach by Jamie Drurie

Pool Hardscaping

Not only patios or decks can be subjected to hardscaping, but the swimming pools can also be a great way to explore this wonderful type of landscaping. In the example below we see how stone delicately envelops the pool and the hot tub area. It is intriguing how the stone wall behind it shields the area and creates a private nook. The design by Mitch Kalamian, while all photoes are found on HGTV.


Gorgeous Mediterranean-style spa by Mitch Kalamian

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