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Trends in Landscape Design for 2014

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As we know from the history of gardening and landscaping, garden design style was unique in each country with a definite set of landscape elements. Every style of gardening has its own “face”. Something goes out of fashion, something is permanent. Nowadays, people have substantially expanded the art of landscape design. What seemed unreal 100 years ago, is now completely normal.

Five Trends in Landscape Design for 2014

Mix of contemporary and Japanese garden designs

Mix of contemporary and Japanese garden designs

Environmentally friendly garden

Natural materials in the garden are especially popular. Of course, it is primarily wood and stone. Plastic pots and figurines made of polyresin are sent to back.

In order not to disturb the flora and fauna of the garden, weed control and the use of organic matter should be provided. Organic mulch is the best way to destroy annual weeds. Mulching in a decorative vegetable garden is needed each year. These activities are held in the fall. To combat the perennial weeds pull their root systems using garden tools.

Save water

People began thinking about such a problem as water saving. Many landscape designers began to adhere to this principle. A large number of gardens are built with a predominance of drought-tolerant plants. Some gardeners collect rainwater, using filters for purifying the collected water.

Exotic plants in garden design

This technique can be found in the design of porches, gazebos, at the entrance, etc. Using of exotic plants in tubs and decorative planters will essentially enrich the palette of your garden. In winter, they will liven up your home interior.

Fusion of styles

Today mix of garden styles is in high demand. English-style garden can include a zone, in which there are elements of French landscape style; or it can be a Japanese garden in combination with high-tech.

Mono herbal garden

The idea is that the garden or its part is composed only of perennial herbaceous plants. This garden requires little maintenance. But it requires a large area to provide a good view.

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