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Topiary: Amazing Landscaping

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In some places, topiaries are considered an art of landscaping, whereas in reality there are several applications which could become handy in regular garden landscaping. Today, we are going to discuss some basics of topiary landscaping.

garden topiaries

Topiary Basics and Maintenance

Topiary, as an art of the horticultural practice opens an incredible range of landscaping options. Usually this practice involves training perennials by pruning, and basically there are very few restrictions. One of the most popular places, where you could see the topiary are the city parks, where the topiaries are used like hedges. These are the most simple topiaries, which are constructed from the simple and straight lines. However, there are also complicated figures made from different types of foliage. The forms can be quite extravagant and surprising, ranging from animal shapes to peculiar abstracts.

garden topiaries

Topiaries appeared during Roman Empire age, however they gained popularity during the XVI century. Usually, the plants can be either shrubs or trees, however now it is not an uncommon sight to see the plants which are potted in the planters. The last ones appear even cuter, as there are numerous possibilities for shaping them. Usually, the best way to start a topiary is to use a wire frame and the most fast growing plants. Among the plants to be used in topiaries are hollies, ivies, boxwood and rosemary, lantana, fuchsia and hydrangea, also work well for topiaries.

garden topiaries

Maintenance can be rather tough, however certain plants can be trained to be self-trimming, for instance, plants such as hollies, ivies, boxwood and rosemary. It is essential to cut down the dead leaves, so that the overall topiary would not be spoilt by the yellow spots. Pruning is an essential way to take care after the topiary plants. Cut off the branches, which stick out of the shape, and don’t forget to water the plants regularly, as well as fertilizing them from time to time.

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