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Top 8 Landscaping Don’ts

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Landscaping is pretty only when the several rules are set, and today we are going to explore the top landscaping don’ts, following which you can significantly improve the outdoors!

Landscaping Don’ts

landscaping don'ts

1. Don’t include too many details

Too much of a landscaping is ruining the general impression. Instead, choose the fewer plants and details that would highlight the scene, not ruin it.

2. Don’t plant, what you can’t attend to

Don’t choose the type of landscaping that you don’t have time to attend to. There is nothing more terrible than an abandoned hedge, or overgrown topiary.

3. Don’t start landscaping without a plan

Don’t start landscaping without a plan, this might ruin your garden! It is better to make a thorough plan, which you will follow, rather than incorportate into the outdoors what you like and find it completely out of theme there.

4. Don’t allow monotony

This is really essential, because too many details, that seem alike might ruin the overal impression. Instead opt for diversity, but only if goes well with a plan.

5. Don’t go with a big lawn

Big lawn suck out the resources, so it is best to reduce the size of the lawn by means of other details, like flower beds, trees and attractive, low-maintenance perennials.

landscaping don's

6. Don’t let the ivy climb up

Don’t let the ivy climb up unless you are ready to prune it. Ivy is no doubt beautiful, however, once it climbs up it can cover everything on its way – even windows! The ivy can also serve as pest bridges.  Also don’t let ivy to climb a frame house.

landscaping don'ts

7. Don’t underestimate the size of plants

As you know, mature plants look nothing the little ones, so set aside some space for the developing greenery. It is also important not to plant the trees too close to the house.

8. Don’t plant all the plants you like

Don’t plant all the plants you like, because they might just not go along well together!

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