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Top 5 Greenest Cities

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The Brazilian city of Curitiba in the last few weeks became familiar to everybody in the world community through holding there several matches of the World Cup. And not all of us know that this metropolis is considered a “green capital of the world.” Today we are telling about 5 greenest cities on the planet.

World’s Top 5 Greenest Cities

Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba, Brazil

History of “green” Curitiba originates in the seventies of the twentieth century. At a time when the rest of the world expanded highways, built highway junctions and parking, preferring personal road transport, the mayor of this city Jaime Lerner personally participated in the development of a new master plan for the metropolis.

It provided not contraction, but expansion of green areas in the city, including the central part of Curitiba, recycling waste, and energy efficiency.

Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver (Canada) became the closest to the Brazilian Curitiba. This town in the last decade was confessed “the best city in the world” for four times, which is the result of many years of work of city authorities and local businesses.

Vancouver is located on the west coast of Canada. It has unique natural settings that allows to develop wind and solar energy to the maximum, as well as the energy of the tides.

Reykjavik, Iceland

In Reykjavik, as in many other places in Iceland, there are many outcrops of hot groundwater. This natural energy is used to generate electricity, hot water, heating in homes and even to warm sidewalks on city streets throughout the year were.

Portland, Oregon, United States

Portland is called “City of Roses”. Love of the townspeople to everything green, clean and beautiful began with these beautiful flowers. This passion resulted in the fact that Portland is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly major population centers throughout the United States.

London, United Kingdom

London, of course, has not yet been included in the top five green and eco-friendly cities in the world, but certainly will be there in the coming years. You have to draw attention to the dramatic changes that occur with the British capital. The city a century ago was a symbol of reckless and harmful industrialization, where it was impossible to breathe normally because of the smog. And now it is a model for other metropolitan areas in terms of environmental and infrastructure innovation.

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