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Tips on Landscaping Your Yard

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When a person first builds their own home, it can be on a vacant lot, and it’s up them to landscape it how they want. It can be an intimidating experience for someone with little to no experience, and a cash cow for professional landscapers preying on newbie homeowners. However, there is no reason you can’t landscape your own yard and do most of the work yourself. It might take more time than if you hired a professional, but it will save you a ton of money.

Examine your land

Are there any existing trees? Are there patches of barren land where there is no grass? Do you have uneven terrain or gopher holes? Write down all the information you can in a notebook for reference, and try to get an idea of the things you want to have on the land. Would you like a flower garden, concrete path or walkway? Is there a favorite type of tree you want? Write these down as well.

Take advice from the experts

Tree nurseries, flower shops and green houses are great places to visit for ideas and advice on plants, types of trees and special needs of the local soil. The last thing you want to do is a plant a sapling tree and find out that its completely wrong for your soil type. Ask plenty of questions and they will help you as best you can, especially if they know there’s a big sale at the end of it. You can also talk to the local Extension office and one of their master gardeners for inspiration and advice as well.

Drive around

So you now know what you want in your yard, but how are you planning to arrange it all? Drive around the area and bring a camera along. Examine the yards and landscaping of other homes and take pictures of the ones you really like. These people probably spent tons of dollars on their yards, and you can reap the benefits without the costs.

Purchase all the necessities

If you plan on making gravel, wood chip, tile or concrete walkways or other items that require some type of masonry work, then you are going to want to shop around to find the best deals and selections. You should not only visit the big box home stores, but also local masonry shops and foundries. You’ll be surprised by the different styles available.

Be bold and creative!

The hardest part of landscaping is taking the first step. You now have a plan for what you want, the items you’d like to build and plant, now all you need to do is start. It can be a daunting task, but stick to your plan and you’ll be fine.

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