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Tips for Landscape Lighting

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Showcase the Landscape

Showcase the Landscape

It is night. It is the perfect time to consider installing outdoor lighting. With the night lighting, you can highlight your landscape even during darkest nights and the beauty of your landscape must not end as soon as the sun sets. In addition, with the proper outdoor lanscape lighting and useful tips you can make use of it not only for beauty but as well as for security.

Homeowners spend considerable time making sure the exterior of their home is something beautiful to behold, addressing such key elements as the architectural details on the home’s façade and attractive landscaping.  However, homeowners often overlook something that can make their home continue to stand out after the sun goes down.   Quality outdoor landscape lighting can turn that dream house into a jewel that shines after dark.

Jacks Landscape Lighting

Jacks Landscape Lighting

Tips before Purchasing Outdoor Lighting

This is the time of the year when any shortcomings in our outdoor lighting become apparent. If you are considering a purchase, this guide might be of a great help.

There are two distinct types of outdoor lighting: the lighting of doorways, steps and paths, where the fitting is a feature, and the lighting of a garden as an outdoor room, where the fittings are hidden. This post concerns the former.

The rules for outdoor lighting are largely common sense.

1. The lights should be rated for outdoor use and fitted by a qualified electrician.

2. Any light fitting by a doorway, especially a main entrance, has a big impact. It should therefore be the best quality fitting you can afford, and should fit its situation in style, finish and proportion.

3. You are lighting a home not a prison, so do not go for a hugely bright bulb.

4. If the light is going to be on a fair bit, it is well worth paying a few pounds more and fitting a low energy bulb at the outset. Apart from the saving in electricity, it will also save standing on a stepladder in the rain.

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