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Step By Step: Front Yard Landscaping

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A properly and aesthetically landscaped front yard can make your home look well-groomed, interesting, and soigne. Moreover, very often the front yard shows the taste and style of the homeowner. Also, your front yard should look pretty hospitable and subconsciously take your visitors them to the front door. But you should keep in mind that a beatifully landscaped front yard is the fruit of the hard labor that requires patience and godd planning. And the price of such beauty shouldn’t be unreasonable either. Follow our step-by-step tips to get both appealing and symmetrically correct front yard. We dare to mention that all the steps are budget-friendly and can be easily carried out.

Front yard landscaping steps

Step One: Choose proper plants

Opt for plants, flowers or shrubbery for your front yard that provide a beautiful landscape all year long. For example, evergreen trees keep their appearance year round. Planting trees plants and shrubs that bloom in spring and die in winter is not good. Or choose plants for each particular season – so you can have a colorful front yard no matter the season.

Step Two: Emphasize the house

Plant trees and shrubbery so that they do not only frame the boundaries of the front yard but also emphasizes the most essential aspect of your house – the front door. You can achieve this by planting trees and shrubs equally on both sides of the house to draw visitor’s attention to the central line.

Step Three: Keep it neat!

No matter how beautiful is your front yard, the overgrown grass and uncared-for borders spoil the view. Maintain the grass watered and cut. Try to always have the borders properly trimmed.

Step Four: The walkway theme

The walkway, or the driveway, lets you and your guests get the front door in a safe way. Moreover, it also ties the different parts of the front yard together. The walkway may be built of gravel, brick, stone, wood and concrete. Usually home owners opt for gravel, but remember that you should keep a proper edge when using this material so that it doesn’t melt in with the front of the yard.

Step Five: Front yard décor elements

Such décor elements such as bird baths, statuary and sun dials can brighten up any front yard. But do not go too far with such additions in attempt to create an interesting focal point for a visitor’s gaze. Use just a few of them sparsely, or do not have them at all. It also regards the decorational trees such as weeping willows. You can have the focal point with the help of one or two, otherwise there your front yard can have a chaotic look.

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  1. goldman sachs
    July 14, 2014 at 4:29 am

    Greetings! Very useful advice in this particular article!
    It’s the little chanyes that will makie the largest changes.
    Thanks for sharing!