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Snow Blowing Safety Tips

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Snow blowing can be quite a task, if you are unprepared for this activity! Here are some basic safety tips to think of if you plan snow blowing!


Snow blowing Safety Instructions

Using snow blower to remove snow is considered faster and easier than using a snow shovel, however, it requires some kind of physical activity as well. If you want to increase the machine’s efficiency you need to apply furniture polish to the chute. Before you start using snow blower, let is adjust to the cold weather first. Remove all objects, such as rocks, twigs and other in a way of the snow blower, to make it easier.


It is important to operate the machine only when the weather conditions allow it! Get well prepared by putting on the appropriate clothes, gloves and safety goggles. The process of snow blowing is similar to that of mowing the lawn, except it is colder! When using snow blower in your driveway, try avoiding curvy surfaces, because they might contain some drop-off areas, and your snow blower can turn over. Remember to keep the shovel handy, as you can always use to remove parts that can be accessed by snow blower.


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