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Silverbrook Farm: Unexpected Landscaping Details

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We are so accustomed to the traditional landscaping that when we see some unexpected details we immediately call it experimental. Well, not in case of a Silverbrook farm, where landscaping constitutes the identity of the outdoors, presenting sometimes truly unique landscaping solutions. Let’s explore the unexpected landscaping details that make Silverbrook farm stand out.

Amazing Landscapes Of Silverbrook Farm

Amazing Farm

Grass Chess Board In Silberbrook Farm

Well certainly the Silverbrook Farm has a lot to offer for the eye. Located in a valley between the Blue Ridge Mountains and Short Hill Mountain midway between Leesburg, Virginia this farm does not only have outstanding view but also very beautiful landscaping. The owner of the farm, Dotti Shetterly has been very devoted to her garden since she came back to this place in 1981. She came back because this was the place she grew up and she returned to her family house that was built over 100 years ago.

Almost 30 years ago nothing was as it is now. The lush landscaping that the farm is famous for was represented only by a lonely rosebush that her grandmother had planted. Well, now the farm is very lovely with all of the unexpected landscaping – the main attraction being the huge chess board made from paving tiles and grass. There are also huge chess figures that are giving that Alice in Wonderland allure. However, Dotti confessed to personally like another part of the farm – the wooden outdoor bathhouse that she originally built for her adult grandsons who helped her in the farm:

When the moonflowers open at night in the bathhouse, they are so luminous. They’re my favorite flowers in the whole world.

She also loves her perennial garden where she has planted white petunias, wild blue indigo, catmint, asters, and sweetpea vines that climb up a birdhouse post. There is also a butterfly garden that can be reached practically from the entrance, just by a red barn beyond the wooden fence. The butterfly garden has lots of spices and herbs – from Korean spice viburnum to Russian sage. Currently, the Silverbrook farm is quite popular for social events, because her gardens are so beautiful. Well, do you like the Silverbrook farm landscapes?

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