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Shrubbery Art: Topiary

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If you want to spice up the exterior of your garden, one of the boldest ideas is to make shrubbery art. This post presents one of the most beautigul shrubbery art examples from all over the world.

Gardening Art Ideas

The official name of making sculptures out of shrubs is topiary.But what lies behind the topiary? Good skills in gardening or just creativity? Generally, the most common plant to make a topiary out of is the yew, juniper, holly, Cupressus, Laurel nobilis. It is unbelievable that only plants are responcible for the beauty, however, it takes a couple of crafty hands to do the real art.

One of the most popular ideas in sculpted shrubbery is the labirynth idea. The more elaborate the more luxurious it looks, because there is nothing better than the well attended garden. One of the most incredible shrubbery sculptures are located in Costa Rica. The have an unusual weird fairy shape. However, topiary can be of different types, from animals, to trees, to even real people! There is a french topiary garden that depicts the re-creation of French artist Georges Seurat’s famous painting, “A Sunday Afternoon on the Ile De La Grande Jatte”, and the whole garden is just depicting the different famous pictures in green equivalent! Other intriguing pieces include depictions of animals, from their realistic versions to the funky cartoon ones. Just take a look at these amazing topiary objects!

Topiary inspiration

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