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Rock Landscaping

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Historically, rocks have been a perfect tool for the forming the borders and edges of the flower beds, vegetable garden, and just generally perfect for landscaping. Here are some awesome ideas for using rocks in landscaping.


Using Rocks in Landscaping

Rocks are universal, easy to get tools, which can be used in landscaping practically anywhere! Rocks can be gathered on the construction sites, or bought in the special store. However, the best rock is the one with a history. If you live by the sea or river, you can collect round stones and use them in landscaping. Here, you will find several ideas on including regular small rocks in your outdoor area.


First of all, dig a trench, which outlines the area with the flower beds. Make sure that you don’t hurt the flowers. Then, start layering the rocks, setting them aside at least a foot in between. To ensure the rocks won’t fall apart back them up with soil. Alternatively, small pebble stones can be used. Not only flower beds can be outlined in this way. Moreover, the whole garden can be a series of pebbles stone outlines. You can even distinguish your plants by their stone edges: the vegetable section is green, the flower bed section – white, etc.

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<h3>Rocks as Edgeline</h3><br />

Another way to incorporate rocks in the garden, or outdoors is to make outlines of the driveway. Usually, gravel or concrete is used for the driveway that leads to the house. However, making visible outline, or borders with small river stones would make the driveway appear complete.

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<h3>Rocks as Edgeline</h3><br />

Rock Types

Before you make the layouts, you should know that there are several types of stones, which can be used in decorating. There are boulders, which are quite large, these can be used in composition, and not really suitable to make borders. Then there are river rocks and beach pebbles. Beach pebbles can also add color to your garden with a relatively low price. Lava rocks are of course the exotic choice, however they are perfect for using in hot climates. Finally, the flagstone is also a good stone to use in decorating the walkways. Choose wisely and decorate your outdoors with stones!

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  1. pattilaborde
    June 2, 2014 at 12:09 am

    Very nice,I am looking for something simple for my back yard next to my house!! I live in Rockton PA where there’s nothing but rock,we will have to have top soil brought in because there is very little dirt. Can you give me some ideas?