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Provincial French Landscaping

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If you are looking for amazing landscaping ideas for your outdoors, it is perhaps better to start looking right here! Today we are going to discuss a beautiful and romantic French provincial landscaping basics, so stick around and get inspired!


French Country Decorating for Outdoors

So, you think that your outdoors need a major remake into something more romantic and rustic? How about going with this amazing French Provence decorating for outdoors? Today we are going to explore the specific features of the French country decorating for the outdoors!


One of the things you should consider before going into the project of making a little piece of France in your garden – is to make a scheme of what things you would like to change. There are several aspects of French provincial style that you should take into consideration. French country outdoors usually have a sense of order, so make sure that you have outlines in your property that sort of lead the person from one area to the other. The usual outliner for these purposes are the plants, the Boxwood plants to be precise, but any plants would be great.


French province usually is abundant in colors and smells, so choose your plants wisely. Be sure to include lavender and lilac in the garden, and if you want some more colors also include flowers like hydrangeas, foxglove and roses. Now, here is the time to shine with your DIY Trellis skills, as vines and trellis would look just very appropriate for this decorating style. A traditional fountain with a water feature is also another special item that would make your garden appear French country styled, especially the elaborate stone fountain would be perfect! As fountains come in many shapes and forms, it won’t be difficult to find a perfect fountain for you garden.


Another important feature of the French provincial style is stone. If you have a patio, try to decorate it with stone, and will add a sense of solidness to the garden. Don’t be afraid to use flagstone to create pathways in the garden, this will also add up to the style. Enjoy your French provincial garden!


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