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Privacy Landscaping Tips

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Landscaping can be not only beautiful, it can also be very beneficial, especially if you want to create some privacy. Today, we are going to explore different ways of creating more intimate outdoor setting with these privacy landscaping tips!

landscaping for privacy

Unique Landscaping for Privacy

There are many different ways of increasing privacy for your outdoors, one of the most obvious being the fence. There are different options to choose from, from wooden tall fence, stone fences to see through chain links. However, that seems quite boring, don’t you think? There are more unique and creative ways to make the outdoors entirely yours!

For privacy you can also grow a hedge, which can be formal or informal. Choose the plants, which grow fast and require minimum maintenance. The informal hedges would make the garden feel more natural, while still giving the privacy. Also for a natural look, mix the different plant varieties. Among the easiest to grow hedge plants are boxwood, columnar juniper and privet.

landscaping for privacy

More subtle screening could be provided by trellis walls and additional greenery. One of the options is an open latticework fence, which you can make yourself. The double doors signal about privacy right away, and notice how the trees protectively hang over the lattice fence. That is so to say nominal privacy, which would keep polite people from peering into your property.

landscaping for privacy

If you want to make a particular part of the outdoors more private than the others there are several ways to do that. You can use a lattice screen, which can or cannot be covered with grapevines. Pergolas and other constructions also add certain privacy for the outdoors, while ruining the general landscape. So when making big construction be careful not to spoil the general scenery of your outdoor area.

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