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Potted Garden Design Ideas & Tips

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Potted gardens are a perfect solution to a space-limited homeowner. Many plants including fruit-bearing ones can grow in a pot or a planter and can be later tranferred to the soil if necessary. This gives an even the most urban dwelling a chance to enjoy the charm and serenity of the greenery.

Potted Garden Ideas

Container garden ideas

Potted gardens may not seem the same as soil gardens but if you get a chance to have any greenery at all why not make the most of it? You can still plant small trees and even grow fruit trees in large pots right on your porch. The beauty of a potted garden that it is mobile and can be moved anytime anywhere if necessary. It can also be rearranged every now and again if your soul constantly longs for something new.

One of the downsides of a potted garden is that when there are too many pots watering and care may get tedious but it may not be a problem if you are a seasoned dedicated gardener.

Potted plants make great entry and porch decorations. They can also be placed along house walls or around a patio for a dramatic urban garden effect. Encirle your fountain with small potted bushes or simply group a few different size planters together for a decorative effect.

Another advantage of a potted garden is the controlled environment in which your plants and flowers are growing. The space limitations may prove difficult for some plants but others may live quite well even in small planters. When going for a potted garden make sure to learn everything you need to know for growing a certain plant in a pot. This will help you keep your potted garden healthy and beautiful for a long time.

Decorative properties of planter pots are among many other advantages of a container garden. You can choose planters of any style, size, and shape as well as utilize old junk that can contain some soil and water.

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