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Park of Angels in Famous Tuscan Landscape

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The Parco Degli Angeli complex will be created in the surroundings of Tuscan city of Peccioli by Asymptote. The Peccioli municipality is located in the province of Pisa, near Florence. Besides the park, the project includes interactive sculptural installations, the museum of Etruscan culture, the center of Tuscan wines and gastronomy, outdoor amphitheater for 800 people and a music center with a museum.

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Park of Angels in Peccioli

The project of the Parco Degli Angeli complex in Peccioli by Asymptote

The project of the Parco Degli Angeli complex in Peccioli by Asymptote

Asymptote architects decided to use the famous landscapes of Tuscany: and the amphitheater together with the adjacent covered area (piazza) for special events look like they grew out from the local landscape. However, the workshop leader Hani Rashid never dealt with “mimicry” under the historic architecture. And this time the image of the complex will be far from the standard “tourist” buildings. White futuristic “shells” of roofs of the complex will be surrounded by a hilly landscape with vineyards, olive groves and fields.

Rostrum of the amphitheater for dramatic and musical performances will be covered by translucent tent, reminiscent of a reptile’s back, shells, or even pineapple. This tent, developed with the participation of engineers from Transsolar is a key part of the project: it is “smart skin” that can respond to environmental conditions. Rashid describes it as a “permeable, live moving shell”, which creates an impression of magic.

The tent will be made of an elastic fabric stretched over a metal structure. Each segment of the roof will have ventilation holes, the geometry of which will vary depending on weather conditions. For example, the roof will close these gaps in the rain or redirect air flows using them in strong winds, as well as to protect visitors from the harmful effects of the sun. Each of its segments will be interspersed with photovoltaic cells to provide energy for lighting.

The amphitheater stage will be covered by a separate light structure resembling a five-petal flower of white paper. And a neighboring area will be provided with hypersensitive movable tents. This piazza is conceived as a venue for public events, holiday parties or weddings. It will be covered by the eaves-petals covered with woven material: they will also be able to adapt to the weather conditions, as the roof of the amphitheater.

New paths for cyclists and pedestrians, as well as gardens, historic landscapes reminiscent of Tuscany will complement the amphitheater area. The project is focused on the gardens of the Renaissance and Baroque. And the roadways and pedestrian areas are reminiscent of drawings and inventions of famous Tuscan scientists and engineers. Also, the project is inspired by the works of artists of the Renaissance and Mannerist Jacopo Pontormo, Paolo Uccello, Fra Angelico and Piero della Francesca.

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