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Paradise Garden in Singapore

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United Arab Emirates and Singapore are hosting innovative architecture. They are regularly competing with each other in the representation of innovative architectural projects, one after another in “Wonder of the World” category. But if Arab Emirates tend to have more projects in the architectural design due to the dry climate, Singapore can well afford extraordinary projects in the field of landscape design thanks to in the tropical climatic conditions.

Paradise Garden in Singapore by Grant Associates

The Paradise Garden, a complex of parks in Singapore by Grant Associates

The Paradise Garden, a complex of parks in Singapore by Grant Associates

British landscape architects from Grant Associates were working on the Paradise Garden project for more than 6 years. The complex consists of three theme parks: Bay South, Bay East and Bay Central, which are separated by the waters of the Singapore River.

The Bay Gardens were created within the framework of the project for the development and creation of a new center Marina-Bay. They are located on the territory of 101 hectares. It is a public place with gardens, bridges, elevated passages, parks and plants. Unusual green building was called “Paradise Garden”. The most attractive objects are two huge biodomes – Rainforest and Flower dome and, of course, super-high artificial trees.

The domes make four football fields in their size. About 220,000 plants from all continents on our planet will grow there. The Flower garden waste will fuel a huge steam turbine in the dome. The turbine in turn will generate the power needed to maintain the climate-controlled dome. The domes are the only place in the Gardens by the Bay which have an admission fee.

The unique feature of the Paradise Garden is the fact that it is an energetically closed cycle. Gardens’ waste is sent to a steam turbine, which generates electricity to power the air conditioning systems of the gardens. Artificial trees contain solar panels, which will cover the whole area at night.

The gardens have everything you need to spend free time with benefit and pleasure. This is a unique project that was opened on 29 June 2012. It is a part of the urban cultural program “City in a Garden”. The project gives a stunning example of an organic way of life within the metropolis.

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