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Mosaic of Stones and Leaves

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For some nature is wood, coal, ore, or just a landscape. For other nature is the environment from which all our human talents grow, as the flowers. Indeed, nature is our most wise teacher, maybe that’s why land art becomes more and more popular every year.

Bright Land Art of Stones and Leaves

Land Art from Dietmar Voorworld

Land Art from Dietmar Voorworld

Today we will tell you about the works of Dietmar Voorworld, who creates wonderful installations using ordinary pebbles and leaves.

Land art is a mission. Only a few artists have the ability to not disturb the harmony of nature, but at the same time add a bright accent in a symphony of natural forms. Richard Schilling, Andy Goldzuorti, Jerry Barry and others are among the recognized masters. All of them are experimenting with natural materials, complementing and enhancing the beauty of the natural landscape.

Dietmar Voorworld’s works deserve special attention, because we can see the amazing art objects in them. Bright colors, precise geometric forms, a variety of textures are the characteristic of his creations. Dietmar’s favorite geometric shape is a circle – a symbol of life, renewal, endless development. His works are close to philosophical Land-art of Philip Jones and Martin Hill.

Dietmar Voorworld came up with his first land-art during his vacation in Greece. He dug in the sand on the beach and realized that he wanted to create compositions of natural materials. He made his first mosaic, treated it as an entertaining hobby. The artist has photographed his creations and realized that his art objects may look very harmonious on the background of Scottish landscapes. After a time, he moved to northern Scotland and now never ceases to amaze spectators by his incredible works. Most often, the artist place his installations on the river banks.

Dietmar Voorworld seeks to “fit” his compositions in the landscape so as to create the impression that they have been here since time immemorial.

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