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Mosaic Landscaping In Long Island Garden

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Landscaping is most often perceived as something holistic, but sometimes the exception from that rule can be quite marvelous. Dennis Shrader and Bill Smith are so in love with their garden and particularly combination of various plants in it that they have decided to dedicate their property for designing various patterns of gardening creating thus mosaic landscaping patterns. Located in Long Island, their property extends its gardening everywhere possible: stairs, poolside area and secret hideaways.

Landscaping Gardening In Long Island

Incredible Garden In Long Island

Formal Garden Near Front Door By Matthew Benson

The owners of the Long Island property sure do love their garden. It is not that big, however, features a lot of various gardening patterns. There is a container gardening set out carefully by the front door stairs, then we see not so far away another incredible gardening pattern: a refined English-style pattern of gardening. Well, even that is not all.

Keeping true to the saying that the formal gardens should be closer to the house, the owners decorated a small piece of land close to the entrance of the house with beautiful parterre garden with exquisite pattern made out of plants. Now the wilder side of the garden is located a little bit far away the actual house.

It is quite apparent that Dennis Shrader and Bill Smith are in love with their garden, as they have meticulously matched each plant variety. They have gathered a lot of different plants and mostly all of them fit in perfectly to the chosen gardening pattern. The secret to that is matching the sizes of leaves, as mentioned by Shrader and Smith.

The garden has two secret hideaways both leading to a small pond. The wet area adjacent to the pond has a bog garden where we can see Americanus, Pennisetum villousum ‘Feathertop’ and low-growing Festuca ovina with a small plank bridge leading to the pond through the various highlighting plants. By presenting different gardening patterns, the owners managed to create somewhat mosaic landscaping having a bit of everything that is surprisingly in harmony with the rest of the house. So, do you like this unique project or not?

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