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Mediterranean Outdoor Tips

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When the first cold days arrive, don’t you want just some sun and warmth to come back? Let’s make you outdoors Mediterranean inspired, then you will feel that warmth!

Mediterranean Outdoor Tips

See Inspired Outdoors

One of the ways to make the memories envelop you and take you to the desired wonderland is to observe the beautiful see inspired outdoors! Mediterranean region is more than a geographical position, it is a state of the mind: the sun bathing terra cotta tiles, with traditional local scents and plethora of colors!

Now, to make your outdoors like Mediterranean patio, make sure that you have the family area: even a small area would do. Make sure that you have set up that space for the family meetings, including rustic wooden furniture. Of course it would be best if you have front yard decorated with terra cotta tiles, but this is not necessary. If you have some bigger space, and a monumental stone gazebo making a pathway out of cypress trees would make it appear more monumental. Water features are not an uncommon sight in the Mediterranean view, as they provide not only pleasing view, but also soothing effect on the hot afternoon.

When choosing decor elements, pay attention to Mediterranean colors. Use clay pots to display the garden flowers, stick to the rule of using earth colors as they are, with bright accents of the surrounding nature. Another important feature of the Mediterranean outdoors is of course the sturdy wrought iron furniture and decor items. It would be perfect if you could incorporate these into your patio! Last thing to remember is that your outdoors should be dramatic and that effect can be achieved by including different levels of plant architecture to the scene.

Mediterranean Patio Inspiration

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