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Major Lawn Problems

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Despite the fact that you take care of your lawn quite regularly there might occur some problems that might be out of your control. Learn about the major problems that can befall your precious lawn and how to deal with these problems.

Identifying Grass Problems

Snow Mold

Snow Mold By Dorling Kindersley

Snow Mold

Snow mold reveals itself through growing a gray substance that causes the grass to wilt and die. Snow mold is caused by mold fungus and occurs mostly in moist grass that is partially covered by snow or damp leaves.

Preventing snow mold must take place in late summer, when the mold is dormant. Usually regular raking and lawn mowing is sufficient; however, in extreme cases you can use specific chemicals. Fungicides are typically used in dealing with snow mold, but  they should be applied prior to the first large snowfall.

Worm Casting

Worm Casting

Worm Casting

This unpleasant sight is caused by earthworms and it is basically small muddy mounds on the lawn that appear in spring or fall. However, these sights are not damaging to the lawn, but on the contrary, are very rich in nutrients. The worm castings indicate that the soil is good, since worms chose to live there and their movement through the layers of soil is also good for aeration.


If your lawn started to accumulate puddles, it is perhaps an indicator of the compacted soil. Compacted soil in return means that the soil contains very little air and the plants’ root don’t have the access to oxygen resulting in poor plant growth. Loosen up the soil by digging it up or even better replace the soil altogether.

English Daisy

English Daisy Weeds

English Daisy On Lawn

Although some might not consider English daisies a problem due to their pretty blooms, these pretty blooms cause major problem because they spread really fast. They produce pretty white rosettes that ruin the perfect lawn, and if you don’t like the occasional flower here and there on your lawn you can just dig out the roots by hands.

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