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Lush Outdoors In Santa Barbara

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Landscape architect Sydney Baumgartner has put all her love and devotion into decorating the outdoor area of her residence. Welcome to the lush garden located on the outskirts of Santa Barbara, where you can see amazing containers, succulent beauties and curious statues full of sophisticated charm.

Charming Santa Barbara Garden

Great Outdoors in Santa Barbara

Amazing Statues In Santa Barbara Garden

Baumgartner’s house was created by Jerome Cerny in the  1950’s, a designer that is famous for his Chicago skyscrapers and handsome Lake Forest homes. However, that is not her house we are interested in, but her incredibly structural and lush outdoor area. There is a little secret behind the lush landscaping of the garden, and it is hidden in that fact that the place was formerly a horse pasture.

It’s astounding what horse manure can do to make things grow!

Back in 1980, when Sydney bought the house, its outdoors looked like a dump with a bleak sea of weeds, juniper, and white rocks. Yet, Sydney Baumgartner wouldn’t be a student of a prominent landscape artist Elizabeth de Forest if she didn’t turn it into a gorgeous yard. Although, we must admit – not everything was that bad. There were stone walls and steps that were designed by 1920s-era landscape designer Ralph Stevens, famous for his gardens in California.

The garden itself is divided into various sections that all have their distinct purpose and specific plants. For example, the entry to the garden is full of gorgeous succulents, while the roses invite visitors to the front porch. There is a functional area behind the house decorated with a crystal chandelier. This area is designed specifically for the morning coffees or a sunset glass of wine. Meanwhile, the lawn has pretty perennial and shrub border that gives the garden its texture and color.

There is also an experimental area, where Sydney has planted her favorites: cypress as sentinels to frame the view, lacey ferns, brilliant Oriental poppies, Asiatic lilies, fragrant heirloom rosemary, and fraise de bois-wild strawberries. Another thing about this wonderful Santa Barbara garden is the abundance of pompous containers and incredible statues. Take a look for yourself and enjoy this lush outdoors on the outskirts of Santa Barbara.

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