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Low-Maintenance Outdoors: Woodland Garden

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If your yard is filled with full-grown trees and you don’t know what to do with them landscape-wise, creating a woodland garden may be the solution. This low-maintenance type of garden is great for those who have spacious outdoors or too little time to work in the garden. Beside trees a woodland garden may include perennials, shrubs, and ground covers to substitute for grass. Landscape-wise you’ll have to plan your garden taking into consideration some of the following factors.

Low-Maintenance Woodland Garden

Woodland Garden

Woodland garden

Shade-Loving Plants

Since trees don’t let much of sunlight through when they leaf shade-loving plants is the only option for the woodland garden. There are many beautiful shade-loving perennials and bulbs that you can successfully grow in shade of trees. Think anemones, aquilegias, wood lillies, asters, bleeding hearts as well as such shrubs as hydrangea, holly, and azalea.


Be careful when choosing plants for your woodland garden though as some of them may require damp conditions to survive and will have to compete with trees for water, and will most likely lose. You still have options though. You can plant drought-resistant plants closer to trees while keeping others farther away.

Falling Leaves

Dealing with falling leaves in woodland is not very efficient so let nature take its course as the foliage will blend well with the natural woodland garden look anyway.


There is little to do design-wise in a woodland garden one might think but you can sketch how your perennials and shrubs will be planted and cover the pathway with moss. You can also add a water feature to the woodland garden or create stairs if you need to.

Outline your path with decorative globes, gnomes, and enhance your garden with statues and other accessories. A seating in such a garden is a must as a woodland garden is the ultimate private and shady retreat especially during summer.

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