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Low Maintenance Ideas For Flawless Front Yard

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Front yard makes the biggest part of your curb appeal. Even the most modest house can look impressive with the right frontyard design. But if you don’t have the time and money for maintaining a professionally created landscape there are a few low maintenance  ideas that you could use to help you keep your frontyard flawless.

Low Maintenance Frontyard Ideas

Gravel covered front yard

Pebbles & Gravel

Pebbles and gravel are amazing for decorating. You can cover the most of your frontyard with them and plant only low maintenance plants like succulents. This is a great idea for thos who don’t like to mow the lawn and care for the demanding plants. Besides pebbles and gravel do not require anything other than rare evening in case you have traffic in that area.

Rock garden

Rock Garden

Rock garden is another alternative that is similar to pebble and gravel just reuires more low maintenance plants and bigger rocks. The rock garden iis fairy easy to maintain and requires much less of effort and time.

Copper container plants

Potted Plants

Potted plants are superior to a garden if you want your frontyard to look neat and flawless but want to spend less time weeding and trimming the bushes and plants. Besides the decorative containers add more curb appeal to your house and also don’t allow plants to overgrow while the planting mix doesn’t contain weed seeds so they don’t grow in the pots.


Succulent Patch

Succulents can grow pretty much anywhere so having a succuent patch is great for low maintenance. They also come in a wide variety of colors so you can really decorate your frontyard without much effort.


Lawn alternatives such as meadows and clover patches aren’t very high maintenance but they give the place a bit of wild natural look so if you are looking for a neat flawless look instead we wouldn’t recommend them. What you could do instead is plant some groumd cover flowers or grass between stones that pave your front yard.

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