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Lawn Mowing Techniques

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As a gardener you probably have a lawn and you might know that it needs regular maintenance, and that apart from watering it needs to be regularly mowed. However, few garden owners know the importance of the regular lawn mowing and this post will help you with this, moreover we will help you learn basic mowing techniques that will be quite beneficial for your lawn.

Basic Lawn Mowing Tips

Lawn Mowing

Perfect Lawn

Lawn mowing is one of the most essential maintenance techniques as it helps to combat weeds by early prevention, makes the grass root system stronger while helping in overcoming drought and also helps in reducing pests and other plant diseases. So a gardener needs to mow the lawn not only that it looks tidy and pretty, but also because it is quite beneficial for the grass and other plants.

In order to know about the best lawn mowing techniques, you should know about two various types of the mowing blades. There are rotary and cylinder types that produce two distinct cutting patterns. The first type has rotating blades that slash through the grass at a very high speed.  With it you can create pretty stripes, but it won’t give you a classy finish most gardeners strive for. The cylinder lawn mower has a series of spinning blades that cut against the static bottom blade and this type can guarantee a formal fine finish suitable for sports surfaces.

It is better to mow the small amounts of grass than get rid of a lot of grass at once. Cut the edges of the lawn first and then slowly go into the center. Don’t leave the missed patches, known as ‘finishing strips’ as it makes the lawn appear unattended. If you mow diagonally it will make your lawn look neater, or you can also try a curved line that is best suited for flowerbeds, ponds and patios.

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