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Impressive Tall Plants For Landscaping

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Tall plants are great intermediaries between shrubs and trees. They stand out among low flower beds and add color to green bushes. These beautiful plants come in a variety of colors allowing for beautiful color grouping and combination. They can also be used to create a live screen to increase privacy in your garden in a natural and aesthetic way.



Deliphinium is a perennial native to Northern Hemisphere. This plant can grow up to two meters (6.5 ft) and features blooms that come in various colors from white to blue, red, purple, and yellow. Planting them as a live wall behind flower beds or simply on lawn or in a meadow garden is quite rewarding as the tall blooming flowers provide for a beautiful decoration outdoors and indoors alike.



What will really make your landscape stand out are the alliums. Spherical dandelion-shaped plant will add a whimsical touch to any garden or landscape, you wouldn’t even tell it was related to garlic and onion. We also like another spherical perennial that goes by the name of Globe Thistle, which has more point-y flowers and angular look.



Lupin also known as lupine or lupinus is a plant that looks quite similar to delphinium but has more a pointed shape with pea-like flowers that stack neatly on the stem. Lupins are available in a wide variety of colors from pastel pink to bright orange with blues, reds, and purples in between.

Oriental Lily


An oriental lily is definitely a showstopper. It has beautiful flowers that grow in clusters and group very naturally and beautifully together.

Red Hot Poker

Torch lilies

Also know as a Torch Lily a red hot poker is a showy plant with sometimes fiery blooms that look like candy corn. Drought tolerant hot poker does well in heat and grows up to 5 feet (1.5 m) high. It also comes in different colors like purple and cream.

Which of these show-stopping plants would you choose for your landscape?

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