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How To Use Cacti In Outdoor Decor

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Cacti are great. Mostly because they are low maintenance due to their peculiar resistance to drought. There are also many different types of cacti and some of them are especially beautiful when in bloom.

Cacti As Outdoor Decor

Cacti and succulent garden


Since there are so many different cacti varieties out there ararnging them by size and shape will give most amazing results. Higher slimmer types of cacti will look good when paired with shorter rounder heavier types. Also you can choose from rounded flat shapes to spherical cacti.

Plant With Succulents

But you don’t necessarily have to plant them alone. Succulents are similar to cacti so you can pair and group them the way you like creating patterns and patterns of green carpet with smaller varieties.

Choose Blooming Kinds

Blooming cacti may come in different shapes and colors. Cleistocactus samaipatanus has beautiful red flowers while Opuntia (a.k.a Prickly Pear) produces small yellow blooms and is also edible. You can plant flower and non-blooming cacti together if you want your garden to have some color.

Use As Trees

Tall slim cacti may look like overgrown cucumbers but when planted right they can replace you the trees. Of course, they won’t give you much shade but they will add to the look of your garden elevating it from the ground and making it look complete.

The best thing about creating a cacti garden is that you can easily fill in the space between plants with gravel or rocks. A rock garden is a perfect location for growing cacti and succulents alike. It’s also important to choose the location with a well-drained soil and full sun exposure. I wouldn’t recommend driveway though unless you want a bit more protection for the house. Some cacti are hanging types and would look beautiful in a hanging planter.

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