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How To Grow Ornamental Pampas Grass

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Pampas grass is a beautiful feather-like ornamental grass that definitely adds a showy display to any area. Also known as Cortaderia this beauty is easy to grow because of its invasive nature. So if you’re planning on introducing it to your landscape be sure you have enough space for it to grow and thrive without harming other plants and where it would get full sun.

Pampas grass loves well-draining soil and can tolerate partial shade, drought, wind, and even salt. It is usually propagated in spring and it requires little to no maintenance.

It can be found in beige and rose pink. Its stem is grassy with sharp leaves but its plumes are as lush and lightweight as feathers and down. If you have a spacious lawn that you need to spruce up, pampas grass might just be the thing you need. It’s also great for increasing privacy as it can grow as tall as 5 feet (1.5 m).

Pink Cortaderia

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