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How To Beautify Your Garden

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Probably every gardener or home owner has some kind of problems with their landscape. Some have more rocks while others more shade than sun. But even if you think that you’ve hit the jack pot of the worst land ever there is always a solution or two. Beautifying your garden or landscape maybe take time, money, and effort but it’s certainly worth it.

Beautify Your Landscape’s Problem Spots

Tree Stumps

Tree stump planter

Tree stump planter

These not so small nusances can take a lot of money to remove but their unsightly look may irritate and depress that’s for sure. But there are so many ways to transform an old tree stump into a beautiful tree house, planter, or table. Some very talented people carve animals or other creatures out of their tree stumps while others cover them in moss.


Decorating boulder with succulents

Succulents in a boulder

Rocks and boulders may seem like the end of your gardening career but they may just become a special feature of your garden. Some plants grow well among the rocks and you can arrange smaller rocks into whatever shape or design you wish. The solution above (succulents planted in boulder cracks) is our favorite.

Wet Spots

Bog garden

Bog garden

If you have wet spots in a garden, don’t worry, you can still have a beautiful garden. Bog gearden, to be exact. Bog garden is created using moist soil, it’s also great for decorating ponds with plants.

Too much shade may also not be a problem. There are quite a few impressive shade-loving plants that will adorn your garden and landscape.

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