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Growing Ornamental Sunflowers

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Incredibly bright ornamental sunflowers are different from the ordinary sunflowers not only by size, but also by their function. They are grown to create a unique color of a country style in the garden. Breeders used modern methods of biotechnology and genetics and created more than 150 new varieties and hybrids of ornamental sunflowers.

How to Grow Ornamental Sunflowers

Ornamental sunflowers

Ornamental sunflowers

Every year there are new varieties on the market, each of which is a new word in the selection of species. Thus, breeders bred touching miniature sunflowers that can hold multiple flowers on one stalk. These charming terry sunflowers with a dense round velvet pith look like marigolds. Ornamental species can be in different colors from cream to peachy pink.

Today, sunflowers are so popular that they are grown all over the world: in Europe and Japan, North America, South Africa and Austria. Incidentally, a popular tourist destination “Sunflower Park” recently opened near Vienna in Austria. Visitors can see more than forty species of sunflowers: hundreds of modern oilseed varieties, as well as almost all current ornamental varieties.

Ornamental sunflowers are popular not only due to ease of cultivation, but also because of their variety. Depending on the desires and taste preferences you can plant ornamental sunflowers from dwarfs to giants, monaxial or branched.

You can decorate a wall of a house or barn with these bright sunflowers due to different diameters of flowers and the diversity of species, using different color varieties: white, lemon, orange, apricot and even brownish red.

Ornamental sunflowers should be planted in open sunny areas, protected from the wind, with well-drained soil.

Annual ornamental sunflowers multiply by seeds. Before sowing, you need a day to soak the seeds in the fabric, pre-impregnated with a good infusion of wood ash. To cook the wood ash you have dissolve 1 tablespoon of ash in 500 grams of warm water. Sowing of annual sunflower can be done from the beginning of May and throughout the summer.

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