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Groundcovers for Landscaping

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Groundcovers are type of plants that cover the soil and create a rich carpet of greenery beneath the level of other plants. There are many different types of ground covering plants that are mostly used for protection against drought and soil erosion, but they can be used in landscaping purposes. Today we are going to explore top most amazing groundcovers!

Top Ground Covering Plants


1. Thyme

Thyme not only offers a soft lilac-colored rug, but it is also very fragrant. This type of groundcover is relatively easy to grow, and it doesn’t require much maintenance. It enjoys well-drained soil and full sun exposure, and it can grow for up to 10 inches.

2. Brass Buttons


Brass Buttons grow in tiny, fine-textured foliage, with tinged black bronze-color flowers. Because you can actually walk on, it is also quite good for landscaping. This plant likes full sun and well-drained soil as well. However, it is not that tall growing up to 6 inches.

3. Lily-of-the-Valley


This one is a very cheerful groundcover, which offers rich foliage with large leaves and little stems with handful of white bell-shaped flowers. It enjoys shade, and spreads pretty fast. It can be up to 8 inches tall.

4. Bunchberry


Also with flesh leaves and white flowers, these groundcover plants appear in spring. However, later on in fall the flowers turn into little red berries, and leaves also change their color to bronzy purple. This plant enjoys full shade and well-drained soil, although it grows quite low being only 6 inches.

5. Wild Ginger


This groundcover offers rich green foliage with large leaves. It is an invader, however spreads pretty fast. Also prefers partial to full-shade and well-drained soil, however it is rather low-growing, being only 4 inches tall.

6. Lady’s Mantle


Now, this one is quite exquisite. It offers thorough covering of ground, with large green leaves and accompanying clusters of chartreuse blooms in summer. This plant enjoys full to partial sun, well- drained soil and can be quite large, growing up to 18 inches.

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