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Golf-Perfect Lawn

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A perfect lawn is a very strange definition because there are many different variations of what is perfect. However, we all agree that a golf course has most perfect grass that can be imagined. Growing a golf-perfect lawn takes time and effort, but there are some basic tips with which you can improve your lawn and be closer to creating a golf course in your outdoors.

Tips For Golf Lawn

Golf Course Grass

Golf Course In San Diego, California

Prepare Area

Basically a golf course lawn is achieved by creating a special hydroponic system for growing grass. A bulldozer goes over the area creating the base for the lawn about 16-inches deep. Then this area is lined with plastic, gravel and of course drainage pipes. The sand is added as the last level. So practically, the grass grows in sterile sand medium conditions. The surface should also be contoured for a perfect run-off, so the puddles won’t be collecting when it rains.


It is essential to choose a perfect location for the golf court, as there are many factors that affect the growth of the grass. One of the major things affecting it is the sun exposure. The lawn needs to be fully under the sun with no trees, and there also should be good airflow.

Choose Grass

As you may know there are many different grass variations and to grow a perfect golf-course lawn you need to choose the specific ones. Most popular types are bentgrass, bermuda grass and poa annua grass. The bentgrass variety is thick, and has a mat-like quality, however, it is not suitable for hot climates. Bermuda grass on the contrary is often referred to as southern type. This type of grass can withstand high temperatures, humidity and drought. The third type, poa annua grass is mostly used in the West of the U.S., and it is suitable for rainy climates.

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