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Amazing Green Buildings All Over The World

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Don’t you want to wake up and enjoy a nice breakfast in your garden and smell flowers? Most people living in the city don’t have that opportunity. Small properties don’t let them place gardens by the house. But there’s nothing impossible for the architects. You don’t have to have a country house to wake up and walk barefoot on grass anymore. Size and budget doesn’t matter: everything goes green!

Top 5 Greenest Buildings

Regional Chamber Of Commerce In Amiens

For a long time chamber occupied the mansion of Bukto-Vanier that was built in 1906, but recently they decided to build a new building for offices, leaving reception halls in an old mansion.

Architects suggested an extension, but not in a style of the mansion but in a style of a Japanese garden. If you look from the yard a new building with flat facade covered with stone and grass looks like it was built into the mountain. Facade facing the street seems more traditional with vertical and indoor double metal mesh.

Green House In Lisbon

Owners of the 813 ft² (248 m²) property in the urban area of Lisbon always dreamed about greenery, but small size of the property wouldn’t let them place both house and garden, so architects found a way – they decided to place plants vertically on the walls.

They chose around 25 different species of plants – each with a different smell. They were planted in a specific way so each room would have its own smell. For example bedroom smells like lavender, living room – rosemary and kitchen has a saffron smell.

On the roof of the house they built a terrace and the pool, so the owners can feel like they have their own country house in the middle of the urban area.

Residential Extension In Amsterdam

Owners of apartments on the first floor approached the architects with a request to increase the living space. A normal option was to build an extension to the house, but for the owners it wasn’t the option because it would require massive changes and take a big part of the garden. Architects proposed the perfect solution: build a separate house, but turn it into a part of the landscape.

It looks like a “hill” of an unusual shape with a partially mirrored and partially covered with grass walls. Inside there’s a guest room, pantry, and the owner’s studio where he likes to work at nights.

Private House In The Province Of Quang Ninh

Vietnamese architect Vo Trong Nghia is known for trying to implement nature into each of his projects. In this project he only used natural materials (stones and wood). He twisted the house into a spiral and covered the roof with grass. This form provides all rooms with natural light and right ventilation.

Private House In Tokyo

Small size of the house (square footage of 13 x 22 ft or 4 x 7 m) and its inconvenient location between two tall buildings did not prevent the architect Ruhe Nishizawa from arranging gardens on each floor.

Flowers and trees are planted either in tubs or in the built-in concrete pots that are used as balcony railings. Such a waste of useful meters may seem unreasonable, but it’s totally worth it. The architect made all walls glass, making the house seems bigger and lighter.

Private House In Hiroshima

Pretty big property size for a house in a city (800 ft² or 244 m²) allowed arranging a terrace with a garden and a swimming pool on the roof.

Designers have come up with a nice alternative to solid fences – a glass wall that protects the house from the noise, but lets a lot of light inside and leaves the garden visible from the street. It is made out of six thousand crystal clear bricks and weighs around thirteen tons.

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