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Garden Washbasin Design

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Garden basin exists in many gardens. In fact, after work in the garden we want to wash our hands outdoors. For this we equip garden washbasins. But all of us do it differently. And it is great, when an area with a tap or a washstand is inscribed artfully in the garden space.

Washbasin in Garden Design

Garden washbasin

Garden washbasin

If the site has an outdoor water pipe, then a shallow niche in the paving would be a perfectly acceptable option for a garden basin. It can be built of bricks or frost-resistant tiles. You can put a stool or a bench next to it, and decorate the place, using containers with flowers. If the sink is located at the fence, a metal pipe can be closed by a low wall. A “brick” version of a washbasin can be used to arrange a “laundry”. To do this you need to put removable wooden lattice on the bottom of the sink.

You also can make a similar basin on the lawn. To do this, mold a concrete trough on a shallow foundation of bricks, using formwork. For durability it is desirable to press the fine metal mesh at the bottom and sides of the future container, and cover it by another layer of cement mortar. Then lay bricks to form a short wall near the sink, in which you want to hide the metal pipe. The construction can be finished by mosaic of fragments of broken porcelain or tile. When using frost-resistant cement, such a beautiful finish will serve for years.

We often have old standard sinks in the garden. Provide them with a nook behind a wooden lattice oblique, for example, under a canopy at the wall of the barn. Then you can hang there outdoor lights and a mirror, turning the place into a “real” bathroom.

If there is a section with a table for transplanting plants, it is possible to build in it a countertop sink. However such area is desirable to be located in a secluded place, for example, behind the hedge.

You can also build a whole sculpture. In this case, a stone sink can serve as a trunk, bucket can be a head, and a crane can be a nose of the sculpture. Here the owners’ fantasy can offer a variety of options of decorating a garden sculpture.

Garden washbasin sculpture

Garden washbasin sculpture

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