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Garden Styles: French vs. Moresque

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There are two popular styles in landscape design, which we compare in this article: French style and Moresque. These styles both have their adventages and special features, which would make your garden look perfect.

Styles of Landscape Design: French vs. Moresque

French Style

French style

French style

French style maintains the tradition of classicism. It is characterized by clarity of design plans, strict, straight lines, but the most important is the presence of the main compositional axis. A space is planned carefully, preserving crisp geometric shapes. A symmetrical arrangement of functional and decorative elements is also important in this style.

The French style is most commonly used for flat lands. If you need to design a more embossed garden or park, designers supplement the composition by terraces, connected with sweeping staircases. The special features also include an entrance to the park: it must be placed on the lower part. But there are some exceptions. Shrubs and trees in the French style should be very well groomed to decorate the landscape. So they are chosen according to the shape and appearance.

French style is traditionally used in the design of government and other official buildings and complexes.


Moorish garden

Moorish garden

Next art style of landscape design is Moorish style or Moresque. It also has a beautiful name “Muslim gardens”. As you know, the garden in the Muslim world since ancient times is correlated with paradise. Therefore gardens and parks were designed so that the people in such a place felt completely comfortable and happy, surrounded by fresh sparkling fountains, ponds, a variety of colorful and fragrant flowers, lush dense trees and shrubs, the sounds of songs of nightingales, trapped in birdcages made of pure gold.

But we should note that the Islamic religion strictly regulated the arrangement of the garden. And, despite the splendor and luxury of the Moorish gardens, there garden designers were not free to use their imagination.

The founders of the Moorish style of landscape design were Bedouins, who conquered big cities. They equipped them in accordance with their notions of this sublime beauty, creating their own unique style of arrangement and decoration of gardens. And the Arabian Bedouins believed that the most beautiful place in the world is the oasis – a water source in the desert.

The central part of the Muslim garden and the place of honor is occupied by a magnificent fountain or an artificial pond, where channels or alleys divaricate to four sides. And the water source symbolizes oasis, and the channels symbolize the heavenly rivers. So the whole area is divided into four quadrants, the centers of which also have water sources. If the garden is large enough, four squares are divided into sixteen smaller squares in the same manner.

As for the plants in the Muslim garden, they differ by riot, variety of colors and fragrances. The trees are not cut at all, and planted in a free manner.

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