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Garden Focal Point

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What is the most bright thing about your garden, the most memorable part of it? Nothing pops into your memory? We can help in creating an accent that will help your garden to be more organized, because your garden certainly needs a focal point.


Creating Themed Outdoors

A focal point is something that draws your attention to that spot, while the garden focal point helps in creating the themed outdoor area. There are several types of focal points present, as indoor as outdoors, but first you need to understand the theme you want to introduce into your garden. Is it seasonal, in which case you would need to remove it when the season changes. If it is artistic, it can serve as long as it does. Or if it is made of plants, then think in color scheme that you can use. While you ponder on these thoughts, here are some tips on creating it.

Focal points, as you have read above, vary by their types and we present a list of the most common focal points observed in the garden:
1. Fireplaces
In the earlier post on fireplaces, you can get an idea of how and out of what they can be made. But here we focus on its decorative qualities. Fireplace can become a grand finale of your outdoor exterior, or it can be made insignificant. Set aside some place that you consider the most appropriate for a fireplace, and even can be DIY one. Placing some furniture around the fireplace also adds to the mood.
2. Lightings
Lighting fixtures are one of the most important aspects of creating a focal point, because they can also be used by their direct purpose. The DIY lighting even works better for that purpose.
3. Statues.
One of most classical examples of the focal point, is of course the statues. Statues, sculptures, anything artistic can even be numerous, as long as they serve their purpose of attracting the roaming gaze.
4. Furniture.
Furniture is a stable piece that can be a source of constant attraction and comfort. Intriguing rattan furniture pieces, or wrought iron furniture can set the mood for the whole garden. So, taking into consideration all of the mentioned above, try creating your own focal point, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Garden Focal Point Inspiraction

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